DiabetesThe American Diabetes Association (ADA) has announced it is working with the American Psychological Association to develop training programs for psychologists that focus on the needs of people with diabetes.

Speaking at the 75th American Diabetes Association meeting in Boston, Dr David G. Marrero, ADA President, Health Care & Education, announced the partnership during his presidential address on Saturday morning (6th June).

The announcement follows research by the National Institutes of Health, which noted that the stress of managing diabetes, combined with the effects of the disease on the brain, may contribute to depression.

As a result, Dr Marrero said more research is needed into the behavioural aspects of diabetes to assist health care providers supporting the emotional needs of their patients as part of routine care.

Dr Marrero said: “We need to increase the number of highly trained persons who can effectively address the mental health issues associated with adapting to and coping with diabetes treatment.

 “People with diabetes are more than twice as likely to face depression or varying degrees of mental health issues.

“Current research suggests that both cases are possible.”