The British Global and Travel Health Association (BGTHA) has launched a new e-learning course for doctors, nurses and pharmacists that covers the basic knowledge to provide sound evidence-based advice to travellers.

The course – which we reported on last month, following its initial announcement – is now live.

The course is divided into 10 sections, each of which is sub-divided into a variable number of “lessons” on specific areas within each topic.

These are interspersed with self-assessment questions with immediate feedback on the answers, thus ensuring that learning is adequately assessed. The subjects covered in the course include the travel consultation, risk assessment, prevention of infection during travel (including vaccination and malaria prophylaxis), dealing with illness while abroad and on return, travellers with special needs and setting up a travel clinic both privately and within the NHS.

When all sections of the course have been completed a certificate of completion is available on request, and the course has also been recognised for CPD purposes by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

Currently, the course is being offered at a discounted rate of £70.00, after which it will rise to £100. BGTHA members receive an additional discount.
For more information, to view the course and even take a small number of free trial lessons, visit