Diabetes UK has launched what it claims is the UK’s biggest-ever diabetes advertising campaign to highlight the possible consequences of the condition and the devastating impact it can have on families.

The £2m advertising campaign includes on-street, radio, transport and digital advertising, and is funded as part of Diabetes UK’s national charity partnership with the grocery retailer Tesco, according to www.thirdsector.co.uk.

The campaign has been established to raise awareness of the risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes, which are: being overweight; having a waist of more than 37 inches if you are a man or 31.5 inches if you are a woman ( 35 inches for south Asian men); having a close relative with diabetes; or being over 40 (over 25 for black and south Asian people).

The campaign urges people to find out if they are one of the estimated seven million people in the UK who are at high risk. They can check this by answering a questionnaire on the charity’s website.

Why is the charity doing it?

Less than a third of people realise that type 2 diabetes can lead to serious health complications such as amputation, heart attack, blindness and stroke, according to a survey commissioned by the charity.

Since being launched on 23 September, the campaign has received 376 pieces of media coverage, while the charity’s home page was visited 8,855 times, up by 132 per cent. Posts on the charity’s Facebook page have reached an estimated 39,100 people, with Twitter posts reaching an estimated 453,600 people.