GMC to checkDoctors who have not responded to GMC requests to provide revalidation information are putting their licences to practise at risk, according to Almost 8,000 doctors have been advised by the General Medial Council (GMC) that their licence to practise is at risk.

The GMC wrote to 54,000 doctors last year asking them to confirm the organisation that will help them to revalidate. Of these, 7,818 have not responded and will receive a final notice letter advising them that they have 28 days to either confirm their designated body or tell the GMC they do not have one. If they fail to respond the GMC will have to take steps to remove their licence to practise.

Niall Dickson, chief executive of GMC said: “Revalidation has started well – so far we have revalidated more than 18,500 doctors. We know that doctors are busy and some may have found it difficult to come back to us with the information we have asked for. We also know that many of the doctors who have not responded are working overseas or have retired so may have chosen not to respond.

“For those doctors who want to keep practising in the UK, they must get back to us so we can help them with their revalidation. We have a dedicated team ready and waiting to help – all they need to do is call us.”