One of the UK’s most widely-prescribed emollients, Doublebase Gel, is now available in large 1kg size packs – ideal for patients with dry skin conditions who require access to plenty of emollient each month to help manage their condition.

Prescribing the correct amount of an emollient for a patient is very important. Emollients are typically under-prescribed and under-used, which will result in suboptimal treatment of dry skin and eczema, and may increase the occurrence of flares.

Underuse of an emollient can lead to dry skin conditions being poorly managed and requiring further treatment or specialist referral in the future.

Patients with widespread areas of dry skin, eczema or psoriasis, require large amounts of emollient to be prescribed. The Doublebase Gel 1kg pump dispenses up to 4g per full actuation making it easy for patients to apply over large areas and follow recommended treatment advice.

Additionally, prescribing a big value 1kg pack rather than 2 x 500g packs can help to reduce cost, avoid unnecessary wastage and reduce packaging.

Also, NICE guidance recommends 250g-500g of emollient per week for a child with atopic eczema, meaning access to a larger pack can reduce the need for frequent pharmacist visits.

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