The family of a young girl diagnosed with cerebral palsy has been paid £3 million in an out-of-court agreement, after a Leeds Hospital made severe blunders that left her with the debilitating condition, according to The Yorkshire Post.

Approved by the Leeds District Registry, Ruby Curtis received the substantial payment for cerebral palsy compensation to help support her moving forward with the neurological condition, as reported by The Yorkshire Post. 

After being admitted to St James’ hospital in Leeds 2005, doctors failed to recognise that Lisa Curtis had suffered a ruptured uterus. This serious complication meant that Ruby was starved of oxygen during her birth, which led to her developing the brain injury. 

Speaking on the condition, Suzanne Yates from Cerebral Palsy Solicitors, Asons, said: “Having seen many cerebral palsy claims come through to Asons, we understand how serious the repercussions can be for failing to spot a ruptured uterus. 

“Not only does it put the mother at harm, but as you can see in this case, it has forever affected the quality of life that Ruby will now experience. 

“Ruby will now need assistance to help her with everyday living, and unfortunately this will come at a substantial cost. Filing for cerebral palsy compensation will be highly beneficial and rewarding to the quality of life that Ruby will now experience as she will be able to continue to receive the specialist care and equipment she requires to fulfil her needs.”

The Athetoid Cerebral Palsy that Ruby suffers from, means that her motor neurons are affected, leaving her unable to independently complete everyday tasks and develop skills involving being able to feed, learn, play and interact with other people. According to the Yorkshire Post, her communication skills are also restricted. As her speech is severely limited by the cerebral palsy, Ruby uses a communication aid as a means of speaking, powered by her eyes to follow demands. 

Anyone who suffers from a severe case of cerebral palsy, such as in the case of Ruby, may often be subjected to extensive medical bills to cover the costs of around the clock care and support, as well as specialist equipment and education. Not all incidents of cerebral palsy are caused by medical negligence, however in the small number of cases that are, there may be scope to file for cerebral palsy compensation to help cover the costs incurred. 

If medical negligence during birth has resulted in cerebral palsy then there may be a strong chance that the hospital involved may be found liable for this damage. By making a cerebral palsy compensation claim, the costs recovered can not only cover the cost of care for the entirety of the child’s life, but often a lump sum is also paid out that could potentially go towards better treatment. Asons Solicitors house a team of legal professionals that are dedicated to dealing with cases of medical negligence and can offer expert legal advice and representation.