RCGPThe Royal College of General Practitioners is calling for all GPs who carry out practice-based dermatological surgery to record and upload their figures as part of a UK-wide information gathering project.

The ground-breaking audit will establish for the first time how many GPs are carrying out dermatological surgery, including the removal of skin cancers, pre-cancerous skin lesions, benign skin cysts, lipoma, and excision of ‘small lumps and bumps’.

The Community- Based Surgery Audit (CBSA) national pilot is now open and detailed figures will be available for assessment by March 2015. The CBSA is an initiative from the RCGP in partnership with the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) – and will provide the first ever ‘snapshot’ of dermatological treatment responses in general practice across the UK.

The system provides an opportunity for GPs to monitor and improve the quality of care they provide, including peer comparison reporting. It also allows GPs to collect data to support re-accreditation, appraisal, revalidation and local contracting.

The statistics, submitted by individual GP practices, will then be used to compile a nationwide database.

The RCGP hopes it will eventually become as successful as the College’s surveillance of common illnesses such as flu and hayfever, in which 100 ‘spotter’ GP practices across the country are used to predict and monitor outbreaks and epidemics.