Food in hospitalsNew research from a money saving and voucher code website in the UK has found that there has been a 347% increase in the number of takeaway searches and orders from hospital internet addresses compared to this time last year.  

Intrigued by this statistic, the site conducted a poll which found that 86% of Britons feel that the quality of hospital food has become worse. After discovering  the rise in the number of takeaway orders and searches from hospital IP addresses when compared to this time last year, website decided to investigate further. 

To find out if this figure was simply coincidental or the result of something more specific, the site polled consumers on its newsletter database to see who had spent time in a UK hospital in the past year as an in-patient. Of those polled by the website that had been in hospital, 88% stated that it was not their first experience of an overnight stay in a hospital, and they would therefore be able to compare hospital food from previous years with the present day. 

Of this 88% of respondents, 86% admitted that they believe hospital food in the past year has become worse when compared to their previous experiences. When asked to name the main reasons hospital food had become worse and told they could pick multiple answers from a list, the top five reasons were as follows:


  • Bad taste/lack of flavour - 31%
  • Lack of nutritional value in food - 27%
  • Hot meals were too cold by the time they arrived - 19%
  • Lack of vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options - 11%
  • Too small portion sizes - 9%


When asked if they had gone as far as ordering takeaway food to the hospitals they were staying in, 33% confessed they had done so or had asked a friend or relative to bring takeaway food in, with a further 41% stating they would've been extremely tempted to do so if they had been in hospital for a longer stay.