Incontinence supplier Attends has published a guide to help people living with urge anxiety to cope through the busy and stressful Christmas period.

Due to the links between incontinence and anxiety, and the increase of pressures brought on by the Christmas period, the guide aims to help people manage their symptoms more effectively so that incontinence doesn’t become a barrier to enjoyment. 

People with urge anxiety can suffer particularly badly over the period and, due to the increase in stress levels, some sufferers have reported that their incontinence leakage can be twice as heavy as usual. Additionally, many sufferers across all types of incontinence report increases in flow, be that due to increased movement or simply becoming increasingly tired and stressed.

The Attends guide provides a number of practical tips to manage anxiety and incontinence, which will hopefully lead to a stress-free (or at least reduced) Christmas. These include:

  • Budgeting correctly – if your savings can’t cover your planned budget, adjust your levels of expenditure. In the future, consider saving up monthly throughout the year (no matter how little) to give your funds a welcome boost come December. If you have a large network of people to buy for, suggest that you change your buying habits. Keep presents under a certain amount, or agree just to buy for children
  • Christmas shopping – it’s always best to carry out your Christmas shopping throughout the year. To avoid long days on your feet carrying shopping, try and achieve as much as possible online. If you are forced to go shopping for the day, consider creating a timetable for toilet visits, helping you keep your bladder empty. Map out where toilets are and of course wear the correct protection
  • Cooking Christmas dinner – preparing a meal for family and friends can be a physically and mentally exhausting task. If you are cooking, consider delegating tasks – there is no need to take it all on yourself. Proper planning will help hugely. While shopping for ingredients, leave plenty of time and consider ordering the food online. Still feeling anxious? Why not cook a meal you are more comfortable with? Many families now choose to eat curry on Christmas day
  • Watch your diet – a cup of coffee in the morning, a glass of pop with lunch and a few glasses of wine in the afternoon can all contribute to incontinence. Liquid intake control is of course an important part of dealing with incontinence, however keeping hydrated is essential
  • Choose and use correct incontinence products – incontinence doesn't have to interrupt family life. A variety of products are available, offering protection from incontinence. These can improve living standards and reduce skin dryness, leakage and odour.