With over two thirds of young people saying that putting mental health services online would be an effective way to tackle mental health issues, charity Mindfull has designed the following infographic to illustrate the current state of youth mental health in the UK.

Based on a survey by YouGov of over 2000 young people. It reveals that 1 in 5 children have symptoms of depression, and almost a third (32%) have thought about or attempted suicide before they were 16.

Emma-Jane Cross, CEO and founder of MindFull (part of The BB Group) said: “MindFull is a direct result of the feedback that we have been given by thousands of young people in the UK, who tell us they want the flexibility and convenience of an online service.”

“Too many children who try to speak out about the way they’re feeling are being let down or simply ignored. It’s unacceptable that so many are having to resort to harming themselves on purpose in order to cope, or worse still are thinking about ending their own lives.”

mindfull infographic