London hospitalsSenior doctors in London can no longer afford to rent homes near some of the city’s major hospitals, former Health Secretary Frank Dobson has warned.

He stressed that newly-appointed consultants were being forced to live increasingly further away from Great Ormond Street and University College Hospital in north London because of soaring rents and property prices, according to the Evening Standard.

Although salaries for newly-appointed consultants start from around £75,000-a-year, figures compiled by the Commons Library show that to rent a three-bedroom property in Camden a salary before tax of £111,000 would be needed.

While £145,000 would be needed for a four-bedroom house and £83,500 for a two-bedroom flat.

Dobson issued his warning about the housing crisis hitting senior medical staff during a debate on the private rented sector. “When I first became an MP, I knew that a nurse at Great Ormond Street or University College hospital would not be able to afford to live in the area,” he said.

“Over the years I realised that, increasingly, junior doctors would not be able to afford to live in the area surrounding those two great hospitals. It has now reached the stage where a new specialist consultant can no longer afford to live in the area, which is a ludicrous and damaging situation.”

A Great Ormond Street spokeswoman said: “We are very aware of the rising cost of living in London and the impact this has on our staff.

“To help them overcome this we provide a range of subsidised accommodation for key clinical staff, including rental properties and a staff hotel which can be booked on a night-by-night basis.”

Some staff relocating to London were offered temporary accommodation near to its hospitals while they looked at whether to rent or buy a home.