Medical device manufacturer medi has launched a new knee support, which works as an add on to the treatment of patella tip syndrome.

Patella tip syndrome – sometimes called jumper’s knee or patellar tendonitis – is an injury caused to the front of the knee, often from overuse or repetitive strain from too much running or jumping. Over time this causes the patellar tendon to become inflamed. Injuries of this nature are relatively common in sports that involve intensive jumping (basketball, volleyball), activities that involve many stop-and-go movements (tennis, badminton) or quick changes in direction (football, handball).

The challenge presented by patella tip syndrome is something specialists medi were keen to address with their new Genumedi PSS knee support.

The support reduces the tension at the insertion of the patellar ligament and relieves pain at the tip of the kneecap. In doing so, it combines the tried-and-tested benefits of knee supports with the additional advantage of a patellar support strap.

The offset strap system in the new Genumedi PSS takes over the function of the patellar support strap. The patient adjusts the pressure on the insertions of the patellar ligament individually with the front strap (patella strap). In combination with the underlying friction pad, this stimulates the patellar ligament and helps relieve pain. The deliberately offset alignment of the straps, positions them comfortably and makes them very pleasant to wear without cutting into the hollow of the knee. This means that users enjoy wearing the prescribed medical device and use it regularly as the foundation of successful treatment.

The new Genumedi PSS combines the tried-and-tested benefits of a compressive knee support, with the additional advantage of an integrated patellar support strap. The compressive knitted fabric of the support improves proprioception and thus muscular stabilisation and guidance of the knee joint. The two-part pad system surrounds the patella snugly and ensures safe and reliable guidance of the kneecap in the femoral groove. The compressive knitted fabric holds the Genumedi PSS support securely on the knee and is also comfortable to wear during sports.

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