Doctor computer systemA newly updated version of a free online training resource designed to give all NHS staff training on the use of the National Early Warning Score has been launched.

The National Early Warning Score (NEWS) was originally created by the Royal College of Physicians in 2012, with the aim of standardising the response to, assessment of, monitoring and treatment of the acutely ill.

After working on the previous versions of the package, the NEWS Educational Sub-Group of OCB Media, the Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Nursing, National Outreach Forum, and NHS Training for Innovation worked to update the package to reflect the most recent research findings around patient care. NEWS is designed to support a more efficient distribution of information and ease of access to scoring systems for all staff in the NHS.

While a National Early Warning Score e-learning package has been available since 2012, version 3 incorporates new case studies for primary, community, mental health and pre-hospital care, to expand use of NEWS to new areas. Completion of the NEWS e-learning package is rewarded with official certification. To date over 50,000 NHS staff have undertaken and successfully completing the training.

Dr Nicholas Blackwell, MD of OCB Media comments on the new edition of the e-learning package: “OCB Media were invited to create an e-learning package that enabled all NHS staff to access vital information on the National Early Warning Score.”

“Having worked on versions one and two of the NEWS e-learning package, our aim with the third edition was to allow staff to easily access relevant case based content and training and gain certification. Ultimately, the aim of the package is to encourage the adoption of this standardised approach across the NHS.”