Doctor computer systemVision, an intelligent clinical software specialist, is set to revolutionise data sharing with the launch of a new, shared care application.

The software will give healthcare professionals (HCPs) read and write access to patient records in real-time on their device of choice. For the first time, enabled by the new app called Vision Anywhere 2.0, true interoperability can be offered across primary, secondary, community care and emergency services. 

Vision Anywhere 2.0 integrates electronic patient record systems, eliminating the need for expensive and disruptive replacements or updates. Richmond GP Alliance (RGPA) will be the first to adopt the Vision Anywhere 2.0 app as part of their goal to improve accessibility for patients and improve efficiency for the NHS. Patient records from all 28 GP practices, 22 of which use Vision and 6 use EMIS, will be accessible via the app allowing read and write access to the medical records, repeat prescription management and GP appointment booking.

Dr Neil Jackson, Locality Lead Twickenham and Whitton and IT Lead, RGPA, said: “The beauty of using Vision is that as soon as you meet your clinician, they know your full clinical history no matter what clinic you are registered to or which GP system they use. We’re very excited to take advantage of the flexibility of the new Vision Anywhere 2.0 app and to begin to explore ways to share the patient record with other care providers, to improve the safety of our whole local environment.”

The HCP has access to the full information they could expect in a GP surgery, with or without a WiFi/mobile data connection from any care setting, whether in a hospital, GP practice, care home or patient’s home. This reduces clinical risk as HCPs can make faster, well-informed decisions based on that patient’s clinical history in situations where they would have otherwise been ‘blind’. As notes can be written directly back into the clinical records, not only does this provide safer care but also reduces administrative time, eliminating the need to manually transcribe handwritten notes, moving towards a paperless NHS. The Vision Anywhere 2.0 interface responds to the device (Windows, IOS and Android), to give the permitted HCP the same user experience in or out of clinic, on computer or mobile. 

Daniel McGraw, Vision’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “With rising patient numbers and increasing pressure on primary care, more services are being moved to the community. We work with clinicians to provide a smarter, more collaborative and more efficient health service across the care environment. Our new shared care app is flexible and scalable as it can uniquely integrate with any existing systems. We hope other care teams will be inspired by Richmond’s truly interoperable health service and will think about how Vision can address their health community’s challenges.”

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