GP use premium has launched a service that encourages doctors to view selected pharma and other healthcare websites, and which provides detailed profiling information and data insights.

The service, called ClinAccess, can cross match doctors against a target list and can be upgraded to provide more detailed information, such as changes in prescribing intentions, following a campaign.

One pharma company that has used the service said: “In two weeks we've had more than 400 target doctors visit our website who may not have otherwise engaged. We have also been able to use the added profile information to help build up a more detailed picture of those doctors engaging.”

Dr Tim Ringrose, CEO of, said: “Pharma companies frequently struggle to encourage doctors to visit their websites. In fact, research that we have conducted shows only three per cent of doctors think that online pharma resources are credible and 42% never visit pharma websites.

“One of the key barriers to online engagement is lack of trust. helps pharma companies to overcome this problem since it is one of the most trusted resources for doctors. It also helps pharma and other healthcare companies measure such engagement in a positive way.”