health appA new app that allows users to keep track of their family’s health and fitness records on smart phones has been launched as experts predict a huge rise in smart health mobile devices for 2014. 

The downloadable app allows users to monitor aspects of health such as body fat scales, body mass scales and blood pressure.

Called the Family Health Compass, the app is the latest healthcare technology innovation for consumers who are now using mobile apps that link directly to their smartphone or tablets and provide information on their personal and family’s health condition and activity levels. 

The tool enables measurements of body composition, blood pressure and activity parameters, and includes progress sharing, target setting goals and reminders on how to achieve them. The download is free, but in app purchases are charged.

Many health experts are dubbing 2014 the year of 'mobile health' and wearable technology devices with huge numbers of healthcare apps coming onto the market.

In five years the number of wearable wireless health and fitness devices will hit 169.5 million worldwide, up from almost 21 million such devices last year, according to technology research company ABI. 

The firm expects about 90 million wearable fitness devices to be in the market five years from now, with about 80 million focused solely on health. The company said purchases of mobile-connected blood pressure monitors alone in the past year have increased by 42% across the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, compared to 2012, while connected personal weighing scales increased by an 88%. 

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