Woman sleepingA new website has been launched to help GPs better understand the menopause with the aim of making them more confident in managing the condition in their patients.

The website, www.menopausedoctor.co.uk, was set up by practicing GP Dr Louise Newson, who is the editorial consultant for the British Journal of Family Medicine’s Women’s Health Supplement. Dr Newson has also worked for the Royal College of General Practitioners, MIMS learning and www.patient.info, and aims to share her experience as a women’s health expert with other GPs who may be confused about the menopause.

As well as detailed information about the menopause, including treatments, symptoms, and breast cancer risks the website also contains information on the early menopause and a round-up of the latest relevant news stories and research.

Dr Newson said: “There is so little good, clear, evidence-based information available for women about the menopause. I am hoping my website will change this! I have a separate section on early menopause on my website with articles specifically for younger women, who are an often neglected group of women with respect to the menopause. I have included many different and varied articles and also links to important guidelines, articles and websites. I hope my website will empower women with more knowledge and confidence to seek help regarding their menopause.

“I am hoping that GPs and HCPs will be able to access my website to gain information about the menopause and its management in a simple and easy manner. I have included links to relevant guidelines and key articles. Many HCPs do not have sufficient confidence or knowledge to help women with their menopause so I hope my website will be able to change this.”

Dr Newson will be writing on the topic of menopause myths and misconceptions in the next issue of Women's Health. To sign up and receive your copy email rob.mair@pavpub.com