geradaDr Clare Gerada, Chair of the RCGP, said: “At last, we have a report that tells it how it really is - that we are trying to do the best we can for our patients. 

“Don Berwick's analysis of what is going on in today's NHS is spot-on and confirms what everyone working in the NHS already knows. He recognises that we do not get it right every time but he also acknowledges that a blame and shame culture is not the way to bring out the best in NHS staff so that they can provide compassionate patient care. 

“This is a seminal report that has the potential to be a game changer for the NHS and we urge Ministers to take heed and act on its recommendations. 

“The Government now needs to take responsibility for fostering a climate within the NHS that supports staff and allows them to continuously improve. By doing this, we will put safe patient care back at the core of everything that the NHS does and restore public trust and confidence. 

“To provide the best possible care to patients, we need to ensure that we have enough staff, funding and resources. General practice in England currently receives only 9% of NHS funding, despite family doctors carrying out 90% of the NHS contacts.  “If patients are to have access to the care they need and deserve, we need to put the NHS of the future on a safe and sustainable footing, with more GPs and a reversal of the current workforce shortfall.  

“Don Berwick's report could be a major step forward towards achieving this and GPs and NHS staff everywhere will salute him.