E-cigarette retailer E-Cigarette Direct has reported a 76% increase in the sale of vaping kits already this month – a sign people are looking at alternatives in the fight for smoking cessation.

Although the campaign is now in its sixth year, this is the first year to see such a spike in e-cigarette sales, E-Cigarette Direct has said. Previously, sales of E-cigarettes have remained broadly flat during the campaigns – and even dipped last year - but this year the campaign looks to have produced promising early results.

Meanwhile, new research from E-Cigarette Direct highlights the benefits of giving up smoking aren’t just for health reasons. The research on the cost of smoking, has found that the average smoker, who has an 11-per-day habit, will spend upwards of £93,000 on cigarettes over their lifetime. The equivalent level of vaping consumption is more than £70,000 less.

For example

  • Cost of smoking:
    • Yearly: £1,664
    • Lifetime: £93,184
  • Cost of vaping
    • Yearly: £404.50
    • Lifetime: £22,652

This means an annual saving of £1,260 and a lifetime saving of£70,532.

James Dunworth, chairman of E-Cigarette Direct, said: “Our data shows that Stoptober 2018 is working with more smokers looking to viable alternatives to conventional cigarettes.

“Any initiatives that helps smokers give up should be welcomed, and research shows it’s easier to quit for good once you’ve abstained for 30 days.”